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We're not dead!

Despite not releasing anything for over a year (Sorry about that), we have 3 FULL CDs that are due to be released this year.

Why haven't we released anything? Couple reasons:

1) I moved to Sweden mid last year and that made it very difficult to run things properly that far away from home

2) Every release seemed to be progressing at exactly the same rate

Bizarrely, because of this, all of them will be finished at round about the same time, and instead of just releasing 3 CDs at once I'm gunna stagger them to give me some breathing space releasing.

So without further a do, let me speak about what we have in store!



From the Jungles of Apeldoorn, Netherlands, we present KING JULIEN SOUND SYSTEM, or KJSS for short. Previously known as 'Icky' by many, he's showcasing his debut album as KJSS here on SWAFFELCORE. How cool is that?

In this 11 track album you'll be experiencing a plethora of hard and groovy party music. Everything from straight up no-nonsense Hardcore to Euphoric Breakbeat. It also includes remixes from Dynamite Grizzly, Whitetail, sc.Dave! and HOTWAXXX.

"Cornetto Riddim", the track I've chosen to preview from this album is a wonky, bouncy bassline track with an affinity to Ice cream. Blast it loud and get your skank on!

(Listen to KJSS's tracks "Flints FAT BUTT" and "This Is a Dum song" on 24 hrs of Pain here: swaffelcore.bandcamp.com/album/24-hours-of-pain-old-into-new)


All the way from Tokyo, Japan, I'm happy to announce Robot Speaker's debut album on SWAFFELCORE, Renegades of Machine Phunk.

I responded to an e-mail late last year from Robot Speaker who had sent a demo of about 50 tracks to Swaffelcore and was simply blown away at how good it was. I very carefully whittled down the tracks from 50 to 17 to give you the best Robot Speaker has to offer.

So what's the music like? Well, Robot Speaker primarily works with breakbeats and samples everything from old records, commercials, and even news reports.

Each track is an adventure to listen too, from slow spacey Electro to fast and groovy Drum and Bass with that classic 90s breakbeat funk feel.

I've taken the track "Floor for the Kids" for this preview EP. It's a fast and funky DnB track full of interesting samples and breakbeats to tickle your ears and move your body!

(Listen to Robot Speaker's soundcloud here and check out his new releases on other labels soundcloud.com/robotspeaker)




Believe it or not I have a trove of tracks to select from this album. Unlike my previous release "Audio Bukkake", this album will include more of an experimental and dark side to it and of course my usual style of 200+ BPM weird broken hardcore music.

The track I've chosen of mine to show you today is "Fresh", a 190bpm oddly smooth "Liquid Hardcore" track that samples smooth organs, hip hop, and a soul singer. Its weird, but I like it! (Hope you do as well)

(For more of my music, please check out my youtube youtube.com/b3tard and my soundcloud soundcloud.com/speedcoredave)


And that is what we currently have in the works! After those have been released, I'll focus more on V.A's. I really want to do a lo-fi comp album and another 24 hrs of pain release, and do a few small V.A EP releases

Each album will retail at £3.95 for the full digital downloads, and £8 + Shipping for the CDs. Most of the money will be given to the artists, so please support them and the label if you want to hear more awesome music!

Thats it! Hope you're excited as I am for these releases.

See you soon!

- sc.Dave!


released July 15, 2016

Mastering: sc.Dave!



all rights reserved



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Many more releases to come by other pretty damn cool people. Keep an eye on us!

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